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Violist ◈ CEO ◈ Media Manager

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Kameralna N-Harmonia is a group of musicians, prize-winning instrumentalists and enthusiastic young people, presenting repertoire of different styles and written for different ensembles. Its members not only come from different cities in Poland but also study in various European conservatoires. Kameralna N-Harmonia flickered into life in 2016 as a group of like-minded friends, driven by common beliefs. Since its launch, the ensemble has performed internationally, collaborating with Neue Kammerchor Berlin, NFM Choir, Marcello Nisinman and composer Pawel Lukaszewski, different choirs, soloists and conductors. The ensemble has not only performed in various festivals in Poland and toured in Germany, but has also premiered works by composers and participated in projects such as Music with No Borders 2019.

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